And there will be no more parades

SO GOOD. I love this series and these books and all the acting and all of it is amazing. :D

"Ooh, this is getting rather fun, isn't it?"


I love how when I told my sister about Sherlock, i told her she’d probably find Sherlock hot, but she was like ”he’s okay looking, a bit weird though”, and I was like, “ah, you’re one of those.”


"wait for series two."


She spent the entire day thinking about him,…

Melancholy was the sky
And she put the clouds to shame
Blood under her finger nails
With no one left to blame

Melancholy was the water
And I was too afraid to drink
So she left me there drowning
With too much time to think

—(via boy-eerie)
If there’s a perfect mixture between manhood and English roses, that’s what Benedict Cumberbatch smells like… —Chris Hardwick (@nerdist) SDCC x (via duskybatfishgirl)


Jack has the best plans

lunachicktv requested: an appreciation gifset of Sherlock's curls?? hheee hee
Anonymous: how do I get over my weird benedict cumberbatch fetish


you don’t

dear cas,

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